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Putting Our Heart Into the Finest Siberian Kittens So
They Can Wynn Your Heart

Our cattery




Founded in 2017 by Wynn, WynnHeart Siberians is a Midwestern cattery based in the Kansas City Missouri area.  We are hobby breeders, raising our cats underfoot in our home. Our lovely Siberian pairs,  Luna & S'More, Golden Charm & GoldRush,  Chyna & Heart Seeker have been carefully matched to produce beautiful Siberian kittens.  Our goal is to breed exceptional, healthy, loving Siberian kittens which can be enjoyed for years by their forever families.


Heart.  Not only is heart part of our name, it underlies our whole business philosophy. It all started with love for our magnificent Siberians. Our hearts were won, first by Cossette, then by Logan, and recently by Stellar, Luna, Moscato and Golden Delight.  One of our primary goals is to allow people with cat allergies to fully enjoy life with a hypo-allergenic cat.  If you have no cat allergies, please consider adopting from an animal shelter and provide a home for a homeless cat.  However, if you have cat allergies like we do, then a low-allergen cat is best.  Our Siberian kittens are a good solution for cat lovers who have allergies.  We work closely with you, our adopting family, through the adoption process to assure that our kittens "Wynn" your Heart.

Honesty.  We do not require payments or deposits until you take your Siberian kitten home.  We want you to be confident you are getting the kitten you desire before  payment.  We do not unethically breed animals just to make a buck.  We breed cats because we greatly enjoy kittens and sharing them with cat loving people!

Health. The health of our cats is our top priority.  Our cats are routinely taken to the veterinarian for checkups and vaccinations.  We provide nutritious, high quality food for our Siberians and we provide a nurturing environment in our home with plenty of love and attention for our felines.  Two generous health warranties are provided for our kittens (see contract for details). Also, to ensure that your kitten is safe and healthy, we do NOT ship kittens via air; we either personally deliver your kitten or you pick up from our cattery. (We live near Kansas City Missouri).

9 Kittens and 1 Adult Siberian Are Available Now!

Keep Scrolling to See Pictures

Also, we anticipate the delivery of additional kittens in April.

Now is a good time to apply!

If you would like to visit our cattery or be matched with a kitten or adult Siberian, please submit an application (Click on one of the "Click here to Apply" buttons).

Our Siberians are priced $400+ for a retired adult and $1800+ for a kitten, based on age, color and gender.
We receive many applications, but are unable to supply kittens for all. For this reason, we do NOT keep a waiting list.  Instead, we select adopting families based on the information in their applications. If you are selected, we will contact you within 3 weeks via text or email and you will then be able to select a kitten right away.


WebSite updated on 3/21/2024



Blue (Grey) Lynx Point Male Kitten

with Blue Eyes $2300



"Midnight Ember"

Retired Black Tortie Female  6 Years Old

Now Ready for a New Home  $400

Spayed & Vaccinated

Very, Very Affectionate

Looking for a home for Midnight in the Kansas City metro area, so that we can visit her once or twice in her new home.

Amber's Dark Male 2.jpg


Brown Black Mackerel Striped Male Kitten

Born 3/2/2024 $1900

Ready for his new Home in late May

 (This kitten was recently born and is not yet ready for his own picture.  This picture is of a similar kitten born in 2023.)

Blue Silver .jpg


 Blue Silver Female Kitten  $1800

Enjoys naps on the couch with her person.





4.5 Yr Old Adult Female Needs a New Home  $600

Zaya and Myshka (below) were both adopted from our cattery by Leslie in 2019.  Unfortunately, Leslie now has a medical issue and needs a new home for her two lovelies. 




4.5 Yr Old Adult Female Needs a New Home

Born 3/27/2019     $600

Myshka and Zaya (above) were both adopted from our cattery by Leslie in 2019.  Leslie now has a medical issue and needs a new home for her two lovelies.




Exceptional Black Gold Classic Striped Female

Born 3/16/2024   $2500

Ready for her new home in early June

(This kitten was recently born and is not yet ready for her own picture.  This picture is of a similar kitten born in 2023.)



Light Gold Mackerel Tabby Female

Born 3/16/2024 

Ready for New Home in early June $2200

(This kitten was recently born and is not yet ready for her own picture. This picture is of a similar kitten born in 2023.)



Black Golden Tabby Male

Born 9/1/23 

 Now Ready for New Home    $2300

He loves people and starts to purr in anticipation of snuggles before being picked up.




Previously Adopted Kittens


Kittens Now in Their FurEver Homes



Cat Allergies?

We are a family with moderate cat allergies, but our allergy symptoms are no longer an issue now that we have Siberians.  


  • Siberian cats generally have a lower level of Fel-D1 than other cats,  this makes them hypo-allergenic.  Hypo means "less". The Siberian still has Fel-D1, but it is at a lower level than many other cat breeds and most people do not experience allergic reactions with a Siberian.  

  • However, there is no such thing as a non allergic cat. Every cat grooms itself and gets saliva with Fel-D1 protein on their fur.  Some cats have higher levels of Fel-D1 than others.   Even with the lower level of Fel-D1, there are some people who will have a allergic response to a Siberian.  However, since the Siberian has a much lower level of Fel-D1 protein in their saliva than other cats, the Siberian is often a good choice for allergy sufferers.    

  • Some breeders offer to send a cat hair sample or other item so that you can "test" how much you react to a particular cat.  This is not a valid test.  The cat hair sample will lose its allergic qualities while in transit.

  • Some breeders will do lab testing of the allergen level in their kittens , but that is misleading. Kittens naturally produce lower allergens than adult cats.

  • Some breeders claim that their kittens will have lower levels of allergens because their parents tested with low allergen levels, but that is also misleading, since allergen levels will vary between cats and their offspring.

  • So, what to do?  Visit a Siberian cattery and interact with some Siberians. Spending time with Siberians in a home setting is the best way to determine if you experience fewer allergy symptoms.



Location: Western Missouri, near Kansas City



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